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Matching Pair?

Evidently this is the “style”

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Daniel Constructing Tower

The Final Touch…Steady… Whoops…!

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Hula Dancer

Hula Dancer?

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Curious George

Curious George Not sure what “George” did to get himself all tied up… but, it sure appears he’s in a bit of a fix.

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Water’s A Rising

All of that snow melting in Minnesota is headed our way – waters going up every day.  I believe the folks on the 2nd story will be ok – but, looks water will be going into bays below…

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Forever the Optimists

Forever the optimists these ducks are fishing in a puddle – now granted in the coming days it will be considerably larger than a puddle as the spring flooding starts, but at this point they’re probably walking…

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Tenderloin The Size of ?

Tenderloin We ate at a new restaurant in Waterloo and Helen order a tenderloin – it was the size of a small third world country.

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Acrobat for Breakfast

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Eye Exam

Eye Exam Had my eyes dilated during my eye exam – this is how I saw the world for a couple of hours…

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The Eagles of Burlington

My friends Tom and Linda have welcomed me with open arms, fed me, patched up a cut I managed to give myself, and Tom patiently waiting as I shot at least 600 Eagle photos. There was no way I could … Continue reading

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