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New Bridge

 I grew up in Iowa Falls, Iowa and paid a visit today – there’s a new bridge going up.

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Green River

A Green River from the Princess Cafe in Iowa Falls, Iowa…a favorite of mine through the years, and years, and years…ok enough already with the years…

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Sunset On Limestone Cliffs

Limestone Cliffs, Iowa Falls, IA

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Spillway At The Iowa Falls, Iowa Dam

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Calkins Nature Center

I visited Calkins Nature Center in Iowa Falls, Iowa yesterday working on an IFHS Class of 1969 Project.  I used a Neutral Density filter, really for the first time, since I was taking photographs in the middle of the day … Continue reading

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Who Pulled the Plug?

They have lower the Iowa River in Iowa Falls to make some repairs on a sewer pipe which runs beneath the river. I guess it’s easier if they drain the water first.(Click on the photo to view a larger image).

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More Fall Color

This is Estes Park in Iowa Falls, Iowa. I believe this might have been the peak for fall color – next – the browns of late fall – and then, oh no, the whites of winter… This 365 Project has … Continue reading

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Fall Refelected

The fall colors are reflected in the Veteran’s Monument in Iowa Falls, Iowa. (Click on the photo to vieew a larger image).

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Virginia Harlan Hill

I had to attend a credit union meeting in Des Moines on Thursday and on the way home I felt an over-whelming urge to stop in Iowa Falls. We had to put my mother in Hospice a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Iowa River Iowa Falls

One of my favorite views – the Iowa River at River Bend in Iowa Falls, Iowa. It was a cloudy day yesterday, but still a gorgeous view. The Boat Club.(Click on a photo to view a larger image).

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