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Mr. Robin

Hello There…

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A satisfied diner. I’m enjoying the bird feeder probably more than the birds. I think I’ll investigate a feeder that will attract humming birds. (Click on the photo to view a larger image).

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Fist Day of Spring

“Ok – I thought this was the first day of spring.  My feet are cold.”(Click on the photo to view  a larger image).

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Grocery Shopping – Robin Style

As I was continuing my safari I had the opportunity to view the food chain at work. Mr. Robin had completed his kill and was standing guard. Right after this picture was shot he took off with a moutful [beak … Continue reading

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A Robin Condo

A Robin condo. This is really quite an engineering feat as they have bulit their nest on a round platform. I don’t have the heart to knock it down, so I will let nature takes its course. I’ll also keep … Continue reading

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I had heard that there were Eagles near a lake in Waterloo and thought I’d go out and take a picture. Perhaps I thought that since they are our national symbol, that they would just strike a pose. Well… no … Continue reading

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