Antique Butter Churn

This is my wife’s antique butter churn. Every once in a while she makes butter with the grandkids so they can learn about the past and the effort it takes to put food on the table.
(Click on the photo to view a larger image).
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5 Responses to Antique Butter Churn

  1. bentonflocke says:

    love your black/white shots with the red focal point! And it´s interesting to learn something about the past

  2. Sara G says:

    That is a great photo. So cool that your wife shows the Grandkiddo’s how it works!!
    Take care and have a great weekend!!

  3. Christina says:

    Great photo! My MIL probably has one of those.

  4. Sujomi (SuzyHomemaker) says:

    Very nice! Homemade butter is the best.

  5. Dot O says:

    Need photo Robert! I would imagine that butter would taste tons better than what we buy in stick form.

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