Why The World Needs Proofreaders

Ok – not the best photograph I’ve ever taken, but take a look at the top line. Now, imagine you are a buyer for a large retail chain who just received thousands of these plates for your Christmas Season… I assume the manufacturer missed the typo (it was made in China – really!!). I don’t know if the buyer had a chance to review the product or not, if he did he’s probably not a buyer any longer.
In another life I taught freelance writing classes and tried to impress on the students how important it is to pay attention to the details. Imagine for a moment you are writing, or editing, or proof reading a document which discusses medications and you miss the fact that the document refers to a dosage of 10 grams – instead of 10 mg. A typo that can kill…
Ok – got sidetracked there – the plate’s a hoot – with a matching “Chritmas” cup. The retailer (who shall remain nameless) destroyed all of the the product. I just happened to acquire my set before they caught it…
Tomorrow is the last photo of the day for 2009 – my thought was to photograph the last sunset in 2009 since I started my Project 365 with the first sunrise. It sounds like the weather will not be cooperating so I will have to find another photograph to put my 2009 Project 365 to bed.

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