Fat Tuesday

My Church, Trinity Episcopal Parish, in Waterloo, Iowa, flew in 100 lbs of Louisiana crayfish to celebrate Fat Tuesday. Our standard fare for years has been pancakes and this year one of our youth suggested something different. It was a Fat Tuesday celebration (minus the debauchery found on Bourbon street in New Orleans!!)
(Click on the photo for a larger view of the image).

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4 Responses to Fat Tuesday

  1. Christina says:

    A crawfish boil ~ that’s some good food!!!!

    Ah, and someone saved a crawfish from the boil at one of our crawfish boils, and he became my son’s pet ~ named him Spike. He lived in my bathtub for several years. Probably one of the cleanest crawfish you’d ever see!

  2. Dot O says:

    Looks delish! Fat Tuesday consisted of lots of chocolate for me.

    Also loved your post of the frog yesterday but my comment wouldn’t go through.

    Very colorful little guy.

  3. Sara G says:

    Wonderful picture!!
    What a Fat Tuesday Celebration!!
    Take care.

  4. SuzyHomemaker says:

    My mouth is watering just looking at those crayfish! That is some good eating. Nice shot!

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