This “Blogging” just might be ok. I’ve told myself frequently that I should start a journal and record some of my random wonderings…even wanderings. I’ve even gone as far as to purchase a nice journal – one of those leather bound books you can get at Barnes & Noble. I’ve got a couple of those now, and they’re so eloquent. I still haven’t written in them because I think I should have something really profound to say before I write in them. I’m waiting for a profound thought to come to me.

This Blog is better because I can always hit the DELETE key and start over if I need to. I can even start without a profound thought…

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2 Responses to Blogging

  1. Jkdrobinski says:

    I too find myself buying nice journals just to look at them.However, you need to write in them so your children will have yet another thing to read when you are not around.Don’t forget to insert 100.00 bills in the pages so we will read them.hee hee

  2. jessbess1978 says:

    I always have the best intentions when it comes to journaling. I start out faithfully and write it in every day, and then….well I forget and months go by without a single word. I then think, I should get a new one and start again….

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