Too Many Email Addresses

How many email addresses does one person require? I did a quick inventory (1st of the year – what else do you do, but count things) and discovered I have many toooo many email addresses. A sampling:

Gone are:

Now, for those who know me, y’all will know what goes in the place of the “r” – for the spammers and scammers who crawl the internet – well – go someplace else.

I also cover webmaster email accounts for a couple of web sites – so I’m so plugged in it hurts!!!

Each (ok, most) email addresses were created for a genuine need (perceived) at the time – others like the gmail account was created ’cause I wanted one and couldn’t have one until I was “invited”. Becoming invited became my mission for awhile – and now I have a gmail account.

My 1st 2007 New Years Resolution – clean up my email…in the mean time, if you can’t find me by email, you’re not really trying. .

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One Response to Too Many Email Addresses

  1. Stephen says:

    I had a few major emails, which I keep active, but mostly it comes down to: = all work-related e-mail = all family/daily life e-mail = spam e-mail

    I had a hotmail and an altavista, but it’s been so long since I’ve checked those, I’m sure they’ve been deleted.

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