Hobby Lobby Easel With NO Instructions

Those who really know me are aware of my mechanical abilities (they suck). I feel comfortable inside your computer, but “some assembly required” scares the bejeebers out of me. At any rate, I’ve been looking for a simple easel and found one at Hobby Lobby. It also said, “assembly required”, but really, how tough could an easel be?

We got the easel home, opened the package and looked for directions. Directions? Where are the directions? Perhaps they’re printed on the back of the label? No – there are NO directions. So, if anybody else buys this product and discovers there are no directions, here are a few hints…

#1 – lay the legs on the floor. Each leg consists of 2 parts. The with the “cap” on it is the bottom. Place the parts so that the round part is facing toward you and and the “little shelf” it makes is also in front. Do this 3 times… (3 legs).

Assembly the legs and then using a longer screw hook them together as illustrated in the above photo.

What comes next took a while and I had to call upon an engineer’s daughter (my wife) to assist in figuring this out. She also excels at putting together puzzels where puzzles give me a headache. At any rate, we had 2 pieces of wood left – each with a hole in the middle. We tried to line up those holes every which way with no success and then – we (she) discovered that the two pieces that form the shelf are placed on the outside of the legs and the other one behind the legs. Then you use the long bolt “thingy” (technical term) with the loop at the end to connect the two pieces together and you then clip the chain to the loop as seen in the next 2 illustrations.

And, now a finished easel. I almost want to go out and buy another one just so I can put it together with ease…

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2 Responses to Hobby Lobby Easel With NO Instructions

  1. Anonymous says:

    Mine came partially assembled, the wing nuts go in the front for easy access to adjust the position.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you! Thank you! I just bought this same easel, and I was VERY frustrated when I couldn’t figure out how to put it together. I would never have figured it out without your blog. Thanks again!!

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