Ye Olde Drug Store

This building is in Williams, Iowa. Up the street from here is the Methodist church where I attended as a kid. The building is currently a small store, has a few groceries, has a few antiques, plus you can buy ice cream (that much hasn’t changed in 40 years).

I have a vivid memory of getting in trouble here when I was 5 or 6. I had been fussy in church and my grandmother brought me here and bought me an ice cream cone. Now, the lesson she taught me was that if I don’t want to sit in church, all I have to do is be fussy and I’ll get to leave and get a treat. Lesson learned…

The following week I tried out what I had learned from my grandmother on my mother… well, the getting out of church part worked, but as soon as we hit the outdoors – SWAT on my behinder!!! New lesson learned – you can get away with more with grandmothers than mothers…

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