Boys develop an early interest in football…

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Birthday Wipes?

Surrounded by new toys for his birthday Daniel chooses to play with the “wipes” – at least temporarily.

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Birthday Blow

We celebrated Grandson Daniels second birthday yesterday – and this was the moment he blew out the candles (I think he had help from off camera from his Dad).

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Final Rake

The leaves are almost all down – one last rake – perhaps this week.

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Purple People Meter

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Fall Reflection

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Student Transportation

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All Saints Day

The altar at our church had an additional altar as we remembered those who have died.

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Waffle Makers

We had a group come into our church and put on a waffle breakfast – they had it down to a science with 10 waffle makers.

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I always hate to see sand this time of year – reminds me of what’s next.

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